Do you know you can still use snapchat on your pc or laptop easily!. Wanna know the trick? then read this post completely to use snapchat on pc.

Yes I know everyone loves snapchat. But what if your mobile was broken or you don’t have a phone, Your snap streaks will lose and your friends will waiting for your reply for the chats. We found two legit ways to use snapchat on pc for free!. Keep reading…..

Unfortunately snapchat is made only for mobile so there is no application for pc. No worries we bring the trick to use the snapchat on your pc easily. Enjoy snapping with your friends with pc. The only problem in snapchat on pc is we can’t snap well because webcam is not that much quality.

Snapchat for PC
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Snapchat for PC

We will show you two methods to use snapchat on pc. Try any one of the methods. Its your wish..

1. Using Bluestacks


Bluestacks is an android emulator allows you to use any android apps in your pc. It creates a duplicate android screen in your pc, so you can use the android apps on the screen. You can download any android apps in the bluestacks android emulator from the google play store. Click the below download button to download bluestacks directly.



  • First download the bluestacks from the above link and install it.
    Snapchat login on pc
    Snapchat login on pc
  • Now the screen look like the android mobile. You’ll see the play store in the homepage.
  • Download the snapchat from google play store.
Pro tip
The inbuilt google play store in the bluestacks sometimes doesn’t works so you can download¬† and install the snapchat apk from the apkpure or some other trusted third party sites.¬†

2. By Manymo

Its another android emulator made for snapchat for pc. If your PC is low end then i’ll recommend to use manymo coz this works good in low end PCs without any lag.

So that’s it download manymo and enjoy snapping with your friends.

Advantages of using snapchat on PC

  • You can screenshot or screen record the chats and snaps without gets notified. This is the main reason people using snapchat on PC.

Final words

I hope you liked this guide. If you liked it then share it. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for giveaways and how to guides. If you know any other ways to use snapchat on pc then tell us about it in comments section below. Thanks for reading.



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