Here is the article for those who want to get free UC in PUBG mobile and buy free Royal pass in new seasons or to do massive create opening. We are going to give you Free UC cash in Pubg mobile those who are reading this article.

PUBG Mobile a battle Royale game in mobile and it is the popular game next to Freefire in Asia. This game was released in 2017 and from the day of released the Fans started increasing day by day because people knows the PUBG PC game. It is the mobile version of the PUBG for PC.

The term battle royale refers the last man or squad survives the game is considered as the winner of the game. In starting the game will leaves the 100 players in a island having guns and materials like backpacks, attachments and scopes. The player can land anywhere while they in the flight. After landed they can find weapons in the buildings and in some open places. Mostly the loots are available inside the buildings. There is a term called Playzone in the game which means we have to be inside the playzone otherwise our health will reduce gradually depends on the size of the playzone. We can also get vehicles in the map to go faster.

In Asian countries people are not interested in playing the playstation games, PC games and other console games. After Pubg mobile released the fans started increasing and it made now Pubg mobile comes in the list of most downloaded games in playstore.

The game is not monetized by ads so the source of income is buying skins and dress in the game. Currently the game is in season 14 and each season they brings a feature called royal pass like battle pass in Fortnite. In normal royal pass you won’t get any good skins and outfits so if you want good looking gun skins and outfits you need to upgrade to elite pass. You have to complete daily and weekly missions to increase the RP points and collect the rewards. The price of Elite royal pass is 600 UC per season and after you reached your royal pass level 100 they will gift you 600 UC so you can use in for buying next season elite royal pass.

The people comes from the ordinary family can’t able to pay and buy the elite Royal pass so they started searching in internet to know the ways to get free UC in PUBG mobile. Some scam websites tells about the UC hacks and glitches but sadly they won’t works. No worries we will gift you free UC to our readers by our giveaway. Our website is giving more freebies to our visitors like Free Netflix and Free Spotify Premium accounts to our readers. Participate in our giveaways and get free gifts.

How to Get Free UC in PUBG mobile 2022

We are speaking only about the legit ways to get free UC and we don’t promote any scam websites with the name of free UC. Read the below methods and apply those ideas and make sure you participated in our weekly free UC giveaway.

Techfilx PUBG mobile free UC giveaway (International)

Free UC Pubg

Price Amount: 2 Lucky winners will gets 600 UC per head!

We strongly recommend you to follow this method for instant free UC in your account. We conducts this Free UC giveaway every week so the luck chances is high. Every Saturday we pick up any random participants and give them 600 UC per head. Don’t miss this wonderful chance to upgrade to elite royal pass in this season and collect the awesome rewards.

How to Participate our Giveaway

  • You can enter via your Facebook, email and google. But we strongly recommends you to sign in via email because we can easily contact via email when you win. It’s tedious to message you on Facebook and Google.
  • First you are asked to like our Facebook page. Tap that button to visit our page and hit the like button for latest updates (We don’t spam you). Click the continue button to do the next entry.
  • Next entry is daily entries, Means you can get entries daily just by clicking the Yellow button.
  • Follow us on Instagram for 2 bonus entries.
  • Follow us on Twitter to get one entry.

FAQ about our Giveaway

1. Does its country based giveaway?

NO. Our blog readers are from all over the world so we are running a global UC giveaway. So don’t worry about your country in our giveaway.

2. Can I participate every week?

Of course! sure you can. For regular participant we will gift a special prize worth 20$.

3. How to Claim Free UC if I won the Giveaway

We mail the winners about greetings from Techfilx. Screenshot the mail and ask us on our Facebook page or Instagram page. Please mention your country name and your PUBG mobile character ID.

5. Does you announce winner in website?

Yes. We make a table below for the winners and the proof (screenshot) of claiming their Gifts. We also announce winners in our social media so make sure you followed us on social media.

6. How you select the winners

It is a random process so it is based on luck.

Note: We will mail you if you won. Within 24 hours you have to contact us on social media either in Facebook or Instagram with screenshot of mail. If you didn’t reply within 24 hours we will select the people having more entries. So make sure you turned on notification for your mail applications.

For Unlucky Free UC Pubg Giveaway participants

For the Unlucky participants we selects two users per month and give them 1500 UC. So make sure you completing the daily entries and participate our giveaway every week.

Other ways to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

There are lot of ways to get free UC but those methods are not that much easy. let’s see those methods clearly.

1. Playing Bonus challenge

Do you know you can get free UC just by playing matches?. Yes in PUBG mobile bonus challenge option you will get battle coins. You can redeem those obtained battle coins in the redeem center at bonus challenge. Follow the below guide to know how to play in bonus challenge matches.

  • At the PUBG mobile lobby screen you’ll see a icon like money bag. Tap the money bag option.

Free UC giveaway

  • Challenge anyone and play the nest squad match.

Note: Only classic squad matches are counted.

2. By Refer and Earn apps

There are lot of refer and earn apps in app store to earn money and you can redeem those money to UC. The most common application is google rewards app. The app asks you some random questions and survey. After you finished the steps you’ll get real money in your google account. After you got enough money for buying UC go to buy UC option in your game and select how much UC you need. It will opens a google play popup there you can redeem your earned google rewards application money.

This method requires patience because it takes several months to earn 9$ and it is very useful method for kids and those who don’t have their own credit or debit cards.

Avoid Free UC scams

Most of the google search results for the term Free UC PUBG mobile are scam results. They scams the users with the name PUBG Free UC generator 2020.

Sadly none of the generator sites are working and some of the websites like have more popup ads which are redirecting to some virus and scripts websites. So please avoid those scams.

Final words

I hope we covered all the methods to get free UC in PUBG mobile and if you know any other method let us know in the comments section. Go and check our Free Netflix accounts, Free Spotify Premium accounts pages for more freebies. Follow us for more freebies and lifehacks.


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