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Whether you are looking to watch Movies, Series and TV shows everyone knows Hulu is the one-stop platform for all the entertainment stuff in very cheap. If you are staying inside the United States Hulu is the most affordable application for you.

Nowadays people in the united states are choosing Hulu because of its price and its worth its price. In Netflix, the lowest plan is 8.99$ but in Hulu, the plans starting from 5.99$. The additional feature in the Hulu is you can watch live TV and watch all your favorite TV shows in one place. Hulu app comes with video ads because they monetized their app by video and link ads like Youtube.

With the Hulu Plus subscription, you can able to access most of all the live TV and recorded TV shows and also movies. This app was owned by Walt Disney so mostly all the Disney movies are available so if you have kids in your home Hulu is the best entertainment app for them. Also, the higher plan offers 6 screens feature so you can use it on TV, mobile, and consoles.

If you are out of your home you may miss watching your favourite sports in life, Hulu brings the live sports TV feature, in which you can watch all the sports in Live. People prefer to use Hulu than cable TV currently.

The people comes from the mid-class family or the people who don’t have their own credit cards to purchase Hulu subscription search the terms like free Hulu account, How to get free Hulu accounts and free Hulu plus accounts and passwords in google, Sadly they get wrong information and the top results are all sharing the fake and expired accounts which are not worthy to read it. But we don’t provide the fake information to our readers. We do more freebies to our readers. If you are new to Techfilx just go and check out the Free Netflix accounts, Spotify Premium accounts and Free UC PUBG topics and participate in our weekly giveaways for free gifts. We can give everything free as we can afford it so you can request other freebies by telling us on Facebook or Instagram or by email.

Hulu Free Account May 2023 Key features

Hulu comes with the three major plans currently. Let’s see the price, Features and its price details below.

1. Hulu with ads

In this plan, they offer 30 days free trial feature for new users and it doesn’t have the live Tv option. After the trial period ends the monthly price for this plan is 5.99$ which is quite good and this is the most affordable plan for you if you are looking for only watching movies and Tv shows. The only drawback in this plan is it comes with ads which is disgusting and there is no download option in this plan.

2. Hulu with no ads

It is double the price of the Hulu with ads plan but only two more options added in this plan. No people pay extra 6$ per month just for no ads option so this is not a popular plan in Hulu. The other option added in this plan is download offline. They offer 30 days trial period and after the trial ends you need to pay 11.99$ per month.

3. Hulu + Live TV

This is the top plan in the Hulu and it costs 54.99$ per month. Most people using this plan instead of cable TV. One of the top features in this plan is the record live TV and store in cloud storage. They offer the 50 Hours record storage which sounds good for its price.

Free hulu account

How to Get Hulu for Free

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Techfilx Hulu free Account Giveaway 2023

Free Hulu

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2. How do you announce the winners?

We will report the winners on this page and also we will mail the winners.

3. How to claim my account?

Contact us on our social media pages to get your account.

4. How you select the winners
It is a random process so it is based on luck.

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Free Hulu Accounts May 2023

As we already said we share the Hulu accounts and passwords openly here. Look at the below table, We shared the working Hulu accounts with all the three plans. Also, these accounts are collected by Hulu account Generator so it works only one day so keep checking this table for new accounts.

This Table is updated on 8 – May – 2023
Email PasswordPlan
[email protected]kWqsaT#lAryHulu + Live TV
[email protected]techfilxfreeHulu + Live TV
[email protected]DeRger40NyHulu with no ads
[email protected]Hyrkury@Hulu with no ads
[email protected]Ar5UpZw$KHulu with no ads
[email protected]freehulu12Hulu with ads
[email protected]beaut51freeHulu with no ads
[email protected]canataFrEesHulu + Live TV
[email protected]Qsu8sDwaHulu with ads
[email protected]urWel#coMeHulu with no ads
[email protected]Mayinsta54Hulu with ads
[email protected]maZ99pationHulu + Live TV
[email protected]urnA11haxfHulu with ads
[email protected]hulu20freeHulu + Live TV
[email protected]rolex265Hulu with ads
[email protected]memotechfilxHulu with ads
[email protected]lehabhuluHulu + Live TV
[email protected]zane85techfilxHulu with ads
[email protected]simon35@Hulu with no ads
[email protected]Heyddado$Hulu with ads
[email protected]Justin3424Hulu + Live TV
[email protected]hendry3653Hulu with ads

Notice: Techfilx warns the greedy users keeps changing the passwords and email associated in the account.

Daily Hulu free accounts

We update the above table daily at 1:00 PM (IST) so make sure you bookmarked this page to grab daily free Hulu account that works.

Using Hulu Trial

Hulu offers 30 days trial to new users in the Hulu with ads and Hulu without ads plan. If you have your credit card then you can apply the trial. You need to cancel your subscription before it ends otherwise they will charge you for the first month without any notification.

  • To start your 30 days free trial go to the Hulu official website by click here.

Free Hulu account

  • Click the get one month free button.
  • Choose the plan that you want. Choose the Hulu without ads plan of you cancel Hulu subscription after one month.

Free hulu account

  • Fill the form to create a new Hulu account.

Free hulu account

  • After you created a Hulu account then next you need to give your credit or debit card information. Don’t worry they won’t charge you for the first month.
If you have more credit cards then you can create many trial free Hulu accounts. Don’t forget to cancel your Hulu subscription before the trial ends. To discontinue your subscription go to profile > Account settings > cancel the subscription.

Free Hulu account Generators 2023

Before a year some Hulu account generators worked but sadly they are not working. 99% of those websites are scam websites which ask you to download any application and completing unwanted surveys in the name of human verification. So in 2023 those Hulu account generators not working anymore so don’t waste your time.

Final Words

So guys try the Free Hulu account username and password. In final the best way to get Hulu for free is by the trial method. Don’t have a luck in Hulu giveaway? try the Netflix mod apk which comes with all the premium features including ultra HD. For more giveaways and lifehacks follow Techfilx on social media.


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