Spotify premium gone free now!. Wondered about free spotify accounts by our Title?. Yes we are going to list accounts with passwords openly only for our readers.

Spotify is the most downloaded music application for android and iOS. Everyone knows why spotify stands first in music category because every songs in the world available here for free. Spotify available in all platforms android, iOS, Windows, Mac and in web. You can even play songs in any browsers by going

The only one thing in the world have no haters is the music and songs. Everyone must have music app in their smartphone. Youtube is the best app to watch music but you can’t run youtube in background and when the screen goes off and in youtube you’ll watch with video so it may consumes more internet charges. Spotify is a complete music streaming app allows you to create a playlists and watch any songs for free.

Spotify was monetized with the audio and video ads which was disturbing you while listening your favorite songs. To get ad free spotify app you need to upgrade your account to premium plan which costs 9$. The people from middle-tier family can’t spend 9$ for buying spotify premium. So the people search for free spotify premium accounts and cracked spotify applications in google.

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My answer to those asked can I get spotify premium for free? of-course you can get spotify for free.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2023

We are sharing spotify premium accounts for free to our readers. You may get confusion how you get those accounts for free!. We bought those accounts we shared below by one bulk spotify premium accounts seller. We bought accounts in bulk and we sharing here openly for free only to our readers.

Sorry, We can’t share the bulk account seller details due to privacy. We are trying to share more accounts here. You can also get any personal account by contacting us on our social media.

Want free personal Spotify Account for you?

Spotify premium accounts
Spotify premium accounts

We are trying to update the free spotify premium accounts lists daily basis but lot of people visiting this page so your account is using by someone else. You may gets interpreted by someone loged your account while you listening music. If you want any free personal account for yourself only then contact us in Facebook or Instagram page. Send us a hi and and ask “I need a personal spotify premium account”. We’ll try to reply in hours and send you the login details of spotify premium account. Click the below social buttons that will redirect you to our official social media account.



How to Use our Free Spotify Accounts?

If you tried the accounts listed below in your normal spotify app you’ll get ban because these are cracked accounts. It can be used only in the spotify premium app. No worries you can get spotify premium app here for free. Check out the below links to download spotify premium apk for android and spotify ++ ipa for iOS.


  • First you need to uninstall the default spotify app and install the spotify premium app.
  • Make sure you allowed application installations from unknown sources in settings. If not turn in on to install spotify premium app.

Download links for android and iOS

Click the below links to download the spotify premium app in your device. For android you’ll download spotify premium apk and for the iOS you’ll download spotify ++ ipa. Make sure you downloading the correct platform app.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

After you installed the premium app in your device use the free spotify premium accounts listed below.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts List May 2023

[email protected]netFil#frEE145
[email protected]souy123K
[email protected]mfrwqfse30aPr
[email protected]nettamS9aeNs
[email protected]nfreetn7mn3l
[email protected]av5tzbxc5i
[email protected]mecxq#11paz
[email protected]f1s51gs515
[email protected]wvc54vbw54w5vb
[email protected]move#qerz
[email protected]ilovetechfilx
[email protected]lwqpy55sox
[email protected]carlos#74ab
[email protected]IloveTechFilx
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]filx5tech21
[email protected]65r1r2v3#
[email protected]fsfh4545
[email protected]wc3v5t55cw
[email protected]w45vb657n
[email protected]3wv5w54
[email protected]ewv545421
[email protected]ewa4vvv7mni6
[email protected]wcv354vb@
[email protected]rve467#
[email protected]drtby&12

Notice: Techfilx warns the greedy users who changes the login credentials of the above. In case if you want any personal premium account then contact us in our social media. We’ll generate a premium account and gift you free. Some selfish users notes the time of updating the accounts list and change all the accounts with bots and selling in some discord groups. We warns such kind users.

Check the below screenshot for proof.

List of People Claimed their spotify premium account

Shanella LindiePremiumClaimed
haswahasu HaswaPremiumClaimed
Richard ErnstPremiumClaimed
Bianca Ysabella CruzPremiumClaimed
David ChristosPremiumClaimed

Free Spotify premium accounts May 2023 features

You can unlock all the features which are all restricted in the free version. Let’s see in detail about features.

Ad free

Free spotify accounts
Free spotify accounts

This is the main reason people switching to premium plans. Spotify shows audio or video ads in between the songs playing which is more irritating. But the premium plan don’t have any ads in the application so you don’t gets worry about the ads.

Audio quality

Spotify premium accounts
Spotify premium accounts

In premium plan you can unlock the extreme audio quality so you can listen the clear audio. In basic plan you have only basic audio quality.

Play any song

Spotify premium accounts
Spotify premium accounts

You can play any song in the premium plan but in basic plan you can play in shuffle. Also you can skip unlimited times. The basic plan allows the users to skip only 6 songs per hour which is unfair.

Offline Listening

Spotify premium accounts
Spotify premium accounts

You can save the song in your device to listen offline. This helps you while you going to long travel while the mobile data is not available. This is also the main reason people going for premium spotify plan.

These are the features of the spotify premium plan. As you can see the premium plan unlocked all the restrictions in the basic plan. Why still using basic plan? lets change to premium now by using our free service.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts Giveaway ๐ŸŽ by Techfilx

If this blog post goes viral in google search and in social media, we are ready to conduct spotify premium accounts giveaway. We will purchase accounts in legal way and share so you can use in normal spotify app.

Final words

I hope every reader gets a premium spotify account. If not contact us on Facebook or instagram to get a account for yourself. We don’t recommend you to login via your social media in the spotify premium app because it is a cracked application. That’s why we are providing accounts for you to use. Enter our freebies section to explore more giveaways.

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