Netflix bored ? or your favorite movies are not found in the Netflix ?, No worries, we bring you a top 4 best Netflix alternatives. I’m sure you will like one of the best app.

Atleast one time you head the term “Netflix” in your school or college or in anywhere in the internet. Netflix is the popular movie streaming app. Its a paid movie streaming platform. Netflix has the wide range movies, documentaries, Series and much more things. You can even watch movies in 4k in advanced plan.

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Sites like netflix
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But Netflix is just one of the best video streaming service. There are apps like Netflix in the internet and some apps are better than Netflix but you didn’t heard that names.

Best Netflix alternatives

I’m sure you’ll like one of the below app and you will start using that apps.

1. Amazon prime video

Well its a amazon product having the wide range of movies and series. You can explore new movies and series here for very low cost. You can even watch all the films in 4k without buffering. You just need a amazon prime account to access these movies. The plans are low compared to Netflix. Amazon prime video is a money saver app.

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Due to COVID -19 lockdown the movie producers are releasing their films here so I suggest you to use prime video for new movies. Languages options are also available so you can watch in any language.

For more information: Visit official website

2. Hulu – (available in USA and Japan)

Netflix alternatives
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In my opinion Hulu is the best alternative to Netflix for people in USA. Compared with Netflix, Hulu has more features. In TV shows Hulu starts showing ads in between but in Netflix it does not. The $8.99 Plan in Hulu allows 2 devices to use one account. Hulu offers free trail for every new user. Grab your free Hulu trail with all the features.

For more information: Visit official website

3. HBO Max

HBO had the worth contents like Game of thrones, Westworld and much more series and movies. HBO max also includes non HBO channel contents so it is a worth application for money. HBO max subscription price is $14.99 comes with ads free 4K streaming so it worth for its price so you can try that. HBO max not available in all countries so check in official website its available in your country before buy subscription.

For more information: Visit official website

4. Disney Plus

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Are you a marvel, DC comics fan? then Disney plus is for you. Most of the contents in Disney plus is for kids. But some contents for family are also available. If you have kids in home then go for Disney plus. Disney plus is launched recently so its not available in all the countries. In few months it will extents in all the Europe and Australia.

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Final words

So That’s it these are the best sites like Netflix. There are lot of Netflix alternatives in the internet but in my opinion Amazon prime video is the actual Netflix replacement because all the new movies are available and released here. Its very cheap comes without ads. comment other apps below. Follow Techfilx for latest updates.


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