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Nowadays the fans for the strategy games keeps increasing. One of the most downloaded strategy game is coin master. People thinks its a betting game but in real it is purely strategy game. You have to build your town and attack or raid and steal the coins and cards and keep it in your inventory.

When I say the word strategy games the game strikes your mind is the “clash of clans“. Yes it is the best and number one strategy game all time. You need to play years to complete the levels in clash of clans. The upgrading and building your town in clash of clans may even takes more than 2 weeks, This is totally unfair. But in coin master there is no timer so its not like the clash of clans.

Haktuts Coin master free spins links

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Techfilx Free coin master this week

DateCoin Master Rewards
2.12.2022 No.825 SpinsCollect
2.12.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
2.12.2022 No.6Craze Coins Limit Time Collect
2.12.2022 No.510 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
2.12.2022 No.44 M Coins Collect
2.12.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
2.12.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
2.12.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
1.12.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
1.12.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
1.12.2022 No.44 M Coins Collect
1.12.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
1.12.2022 No.210 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
1.12.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
30.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
30.11.2022 No.610 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
30.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
30.11.2022 No.410 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
30.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
30.11.2022 No.210 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
30.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
29.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
29.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
29.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
29.11.2022 No.310 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
29.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
29.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
28.11.2022 No.1025 SpinsCollect
28.11.2022 No.950 Spin Collect
28.11.2022 No.8100 Spin ๐˜พ๐™”๐˜ฝ๐™€๐™ ๐™ˆ๐™Š๐™‰๐˜ฟ๐˜ผ๐™”Collect
28.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
28.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
28.11.2022 No.510 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
28.11.2022 No.410 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
28.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
28.11.2022 No.24 M Coins Collect
28.11.2022 No.110 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
27.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
27.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
27.11.2022 No.510 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
27.11.2022 No.410 Spins 3 M CoinCollect
27.11.2022 No.34 M Coins Collect
27.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
27.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect

Techfilx Free coin master last week

DateCoin Master RewardsLink
26.11.2022 No.1110 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
26.11.2022 No.1025 SpinsCollect
26.11.2022 No.925 SpinsCollect
26.11.2022 No.825 SpinsCollect
26.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
26.11.2022 No.6100 SPINSCollect
26.11.2022 No.550 SPINSCollect
26.11.2022 No.4100 SPINSCollect
26.11.2022 No.210 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
26.11.2022 No.350 SPINSCollect
26.11.2022 No.150 SPINSCollect
25.11.2022 No.16100 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.1525 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.14100 Spins ๐˜ฝ๐™ก๐™–๐™˜๐™  ๐™๐™ง๐™ž๐™™๐™–๐™ฎ GiftCollect
25.11.2022 No.1350 SPINSCollect
25.11.2022 No.1240 SPINSCollect
25.11.2022 No.1125 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.1025 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.925 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.825 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.540 SPINSCollect
25.11.2022 No.440 SPINSCollect
25.11.2022 No.350 SPINSCollect
25.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
25.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
24.11.2022 No.94 M CoinCollect
24.11.2022 No.835 SpinsCollect
24.11.2022 No.7100 Spins ๐˜ฝ๐™ก๐™–๐™˜๐™  ๐™๐™ง๐™ž๐™™๐™–๐™ฎ GiftCollect
24.11.2022 No.650 SpinsCollect
24.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
24.11.2022 No.410 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
24.11.2022 No.335 SpinsCollect
24.11.2022 No.220 SpinsCollect
24.11.2022 No.135 SpinsCollect
23.11.2022 No.830 SpinsCollect
23.11.2022 No.710 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
23.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
23.11.2022 No.530 SpinsCollect
23.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
23.11.2022 No.310 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
23.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
23.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
22.11.2022 No.810 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
22.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
22.11.2022 No.610 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
22.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
22.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
22.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
22.11.2022 No.250 SpinsCollect
22.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
21.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
21.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
21.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
21.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
21.11.2022 No.310 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
21.11.2022 No.24 M CoinCollect
21.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect

TechFilx Free Spins For Coin Master

DateTechFilx RewardsLink
21.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
20.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
20.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
20.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
20.11.2022 No.44 M CoinCollect
20.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
20.11.2022 No.24 M CoinCollect
20.11.2022 No.110 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
19.11.2022 No.810 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
19.11.2022 No.7Craze Coin (Limit Time)Collect
19.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
19.11.2022 No.510 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
19.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
19.11.2022 No.310 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
19.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
19.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
18.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
18.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
18.11.2022 No.54 M CoinCollect
18.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
18.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
18.11.2022 No.210 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
18.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
17.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
17.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
17.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
17.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
17.11.2022 No.14 M CoinCollect
16.11.2022 No.625 SpinsCollect
16.11.2022 No.54 M CoinCollect
16.11.2022 No.410 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
16.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
16.11.2022 No.210 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
16.11.2022 No.110 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
15.11.2022 No.810 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
15.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
15.11.2022 No.610 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
15.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
15.11.2022 No.44 M CoinCollect
15.11.2022 No.310 Spin 3 M CoinCollect
15.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
15.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.925 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.825 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.725 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.525 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.425 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.325 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.225 SpinsCollect
14.11.2022 No.125 SpinsCollect
The gameplay of coin master is just spins and collect the coins for upgrading the town and buildings. If you get three hammers in a spin you need to attack your enemy base. The game automatically chooses a random enemy for you to attack. If you get three pigs in a spin you need to raid and steal the coins of enemy. This is the best way to get more coins in the game. This game don’t makes you bored.

For every 5 minutes 5 spins added in your account. You can get more spins by completing the event rewards. If you need more coin master spins you need to spend money. People won’t spend their money in a video game.


Haktuts is a website like our website (Techfilx) it is based on the coin master niche. Like haktuts we upload every day extra spin links here. Additional we selects the 3 lucky users in our website and gives them more spins and coins but the haktuts don’t do. Not only coin master free spins we are gifting spotify premium accounts and Netflix premium accounts to our visitors. You can simply say Techfilx is a money saver website because we buy and gift you free.

There are lot of scams doing in the name of coin master free spins. They call it as generator which generates you lot of spins and coins. But in real they are scams and fake. You have to avoid those websites for your safety because when I checked a ransom website which uses popup ad which redirects me to a scam phishing website. They will store your information and hakes your google account or Facebook account.

Haktuts Coin master

When you notice the website haktuts it is just a blogspot blog with bad user interface. Our website (Techfilx) is not like that, We are working hard for the good user experience. We made a good looking table for the daily links with dates and rewards.

As you can see from the above screenshot of haktuts website they are just placing the links like garbage. Don’t forget to bookmark our website homepage for daily coin master free spins links and giveaways.


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