Bored with normal Spotify apps because of ads and limited features? “Try the Spotify premium apk” unlocked with all the premium features including offline download😊.

Music is life, a very powerful tool, probably the most powerful tool given to man. Straight from the heart. There are no wrong sides or hate when it comes to music, only different views and that is based on religious or political orientation. However, there is always that bliss because music is also based on emotions love, anger, hatred, guilt, religion, among others, are vital tools as far as songwriting and music are involved.

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Everyone has at least one music application on their phone or PC. There are a lot of music streaming applications on the play store nonetheless when it comes to user-interface and sound quality Spotify beats all other applications available on Playstore. Spotify has millions of music and songs on it. Also, it includes podcasts and much more stuff related to audio.

When you create a Spotify account you can access millions of songs and all the contents in Spotify. But sadly for free, the Spotify account has only limited features. For the free account, Spotify starts playing audio ads in between the songs. Those ads aren’t skippable and their duration is 30 seconds. These ads can be pretty disturbing and annoying especially while listening to your favorite playlist.

Spotify premium costs around $10 per month which is rather high as no one will pay $10 monthly just for skipping ads and listening to music in high-quality. I will be giving an in-depth comparison between both plans below.

Spotify Premium apk 2020

Spotify Premium apk May 2023

We created a modified Spotify application called “the Spotify Premium APK.” This app is modified to unlock all the limitations in the free Spotify account. So the users can enjoy premium features in their free plan. Sounds good yes? try that!. Follow the guide below to download, in this guide you’ll also know how to use the application without getting a ban and how to use it for a lifetime.

Before download Spotify Premium APK

If you installed normal Spotify applications in the play store, uninstall it. You are not able to use both applications at the same time.

Make sure you allow your phone to install applications from unknown sources. If you don’t know how, please follow the guide below:

  1. Go to settings >Biometrics and security.
  2. There you’ll find the install unknown apps option. Tap to open the install unknown apps page.
  3. It loads the allowed and not allowed source applications in a list sorted in alphabetical order you the google chrome comes first. Find chrome in the list and click it.
  4. Tap to enable the allow from this source if it is disabled.

The reason why you need to allow your phone to install from unknown sources is that you are downloading from the webpage via your mobile browser. is an unknown source according to your android phone.

Spotify Premium APK Download (May 2023)


Spotify Premium Apk

NameSpotify Premium Apk
Size27.28 MB
Updated on1 April 2023
DeveloperTechFilx INC

Disclaimer: Most times Spotify bans those who are using Spotify premium apk so we are not responsible if your account is banned.

To be on a safer side, we strongly recommend you create a new secondary account using a temporary email. Don’t know how to create a new Spotify account using temporary mail? Please take a look at our how-to guide.

How to Create a spotify account using Temporary mails

  • After you installed the Spotify Premium APK successfully in your device go to this website (Click here).

Spotify premium apk

  • When you go to that website, it automatically creates a new email. Copy the email and use the email to create a new Spotify account.
  • After you successfully entered your information in the Spotify signup form you’ll receive a confirmation mail on the temporary mail website. The mail contains a verification link. Click the link to verify your account.
  • That’s it! so now you can use the new account. In this way, you can create unlimited Spotify accounts!.

Features of Spotify Premium APK

1. No Ads

Spotify Premium apk

The normal Spotify app keeps playing a 30 seconds audio between 3 songs on your playlists. Those ads are pretty annoying and irritating. However, the Spotify premium app you downloaded from our website doesn’t have any ads. So you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs without ads and pop-ups.

2. Offline Downloads

Spotify Premium apk

When we share the Spotify premium accounts giveaway many people messaged me that they just need a Spotify premium for downloading the songs for offline listening. This is more helpful when you are travelling without any mobile internet data you can listen to your favorite songs offline without an internet connection.

This Spotify premium app has the offline download feature added in the latest update. If you are using the old Spotify mod apk download the latest from the above links.

Note: The download feature is an added tool in the new update as some users mailed me about the downloading feature not working as users may experience this issue but for Samsung, it works fine.

3. Play any song

Spotify Premium apk

The normal Spotify account doesn’t allow its users to play any song they search for. They need to wait until the current song ends and is sort of a bad feature for normal Spotify account holders. This version of the Spotify app, you can play any song online and you don’t need to wait for the current song to end.

4. Premium Quality Audio

Spotify Premium apk

Having good headphones or speakers and also listening to the songs in low-quality audio is not only a waste of time but a waste of data. Spotify has 4 levels of quality of audio, Low, medium, High, and extreme. Extreme audio quality is available only for premium account holders. You can listen to your favorite songs in extreme sound quality for free using our Spotify premium app. It plays the music at the rate of 320 Kbps which is considered as top quality of music.

5. Unlimited skips

Spotify Premium apk

The normal Spotify app won’t allow you to skip your songs on the playlist. But our version of the Spotify premium app allows unlimited skips letting you play any song on your playlist.

Why spending money buying premium subscriptions on Spotify? Just download the Spotify Premium APK file from our site, install and enjoy the Spotify premium for free!.

How to install Spotify Premium APK

After you allowed your android phone to install from unknown sources download the Spotify Premium apk file on our website.

  • After the download finishes, open your browser. Tap the three dots in chrome and tap the download option.
  • It shows the files that are downloaded to your phone on your browser. The list is sorted date wise so the Spotify premium apk file would be located at the top.
  • Click the file and it will open an installation tab, it will ask you for permission to install. Tap the install button to install the Spotify mod apk.
  • The installation process takes around 30 seconds depending on the device type so wait until it installs completely.
  • Click the open button to open the Spotify premium app and enjoy listening to music.

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Disclaimer: Using the Spotify Premium app from our website has a minor Achilles heel, your account may get banned as a result of using a modified Spotify application. We got comments and emails from users telling us they got a permanent ban. However, we always recommend that you create a secondary account as we are not responsible if your main Spotify account is used in the mod app and you get a ban.

FAQ about Spotify Premium app 2023

1. Can I use the Spotify premium app in non rooted phones?

Sure you can. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Spotify premium app because old versions need root access and won’t be supported on the non-rooted phones.

2. Does this application work in blocked countries?

Yes, it does. Spotify is not released in some countries so they need to use a VPN in order to listen to songs on Spotify. Nonetheless, the Spotify premium app works without a VPN in countries where Spotify is not available.

3. Does it contain malware?

No! it does not contain malware. We tested all the files in the app so you can trust this app. This app doesn’t ask for permission to access things like cameras, files, and microphones. However, if you are downloading music then it asks for permission to save the songs.

4. How to update the Spotify premium app?

We will inform you once the new updates are released on our social media or you can check this page for downloads or updates to the Spotify premium app. Please note that you can not update from google play because we have not downloaded the original version.
How to Get Spotify Premium for Free

Those who are using iOS devices or need a personal Spotify premium account can join our Spotify premium accounts giveaway. If you are new to our website look at our Homepage and explore the topics like Free Netflix and Free Hulu and more stuffs. Also, we drop 2 premium Spotify accounts on our blog daily so what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!.

Avoid Free Spotify Premium Scams

When I did some research on how to get Spotify premium for free and Spotify premium apk, I found out that some websites are promoting malicious applications and their websites contain some popup ads which redirected me to spam sites which forced me to install some browser extensions. So guys please stay away from these sites for your safety. You can trust ours because we are using Google AdSense ads and our website must follow the AdSense program policy.

Special promo

Just like the Spotify premium app, we have a modified application for Netflix. The interesting thing in the Netflix mod apk is that it doesn’t have the login page so you can directly enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movies, and series online, Also you can download in ultra HD quality. Click the link below to download Netflix mod apk.

Download Netflix Mod apk


The modded version of Spotify is a great platform to get all the services and premium features for free, such as unlimited music, and other audio files in good quality, with no ads and unlimited song skip. Also, you can search for the desired audio and download the audio file for listening offline. It is limited to provide the audio file and does not have the videos file like Netflix video and the mod version never lags behind in providing the best user experience. You can also get the Spotify Music App even on the windows pc through an emulator.


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