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Gaming has been the best way to pass time, from arcade titles in the past to gaming in the palm of your hand has been revolutionized. Challenges, strategies built not only provide entertainment but also improve your skills. The evolution of games has made people get more immersed in playing. With tons of games to play with either a solo challenge or with your friends, one of the games that have been widely played is Coin Master. You can join your friends on social media and against millions of players around the world and build your own kingdom. Features like attacking other player’s villages, Spin turns to get rewards, raids that help build your own village are superbly intuitive.

The Goal of the game is to be the number 1 Coin Master in the world. Coin Master also has achievements and level-ups for example Pirate, Hippie, King, Warrior, Viking, etc. thus making it more fun to play and win.

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How we Collect Coin master Free Spin links daily?

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TechFilx Free Spin Links for Coin Master

We update this post daily at 7:00 GMT regularly without fail every day. We made a team for collecting the links for coin master spins and update this article regularly. Sometimes by mistakes, we may post any wrong links. If you find any wrong links in this post please tell us about which link is not working on our Facebook page or Instagram page or by mail. We will respond to you in minutes and we will fix the link soon.

TechFilx Coin master free spins August 2022

Coin master free spins

Scroll down to see the live links. We made a clear table for spins links below with how much coins for the respective spin clearly. So don’t waste time go and check the table.

This Table is updated on 09 – August- 2022

Techfilx Free coin master this week

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DateTechfilx RewardsLink
9.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 Spins Collect
9.08.2022 No.310 Spins and 3M coinsCollect
9.08.2022 No.2Extra 25 Spins Collect
9.08.2022 No.1Extra 3.5M Coins Collect
8.08.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
8.08.2022 No.5Extra 3.5M Coins Collect
8.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
8.08.2022 No.310 Spins and 3M coinsCollect
8.08.2022 No.2Extra 25 Spins Collect
8.08.2022 No.110 Spins and 3M coins Collectf

Techfilx Free coin master last week

DateTechfilx RewardsLink
7.08.2022 No.7Extra 25 Spins Collect
7.08.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
7.08.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
7.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 Spins Collect
7.08.2022 No.310 Spins and 3M coinsCollect
7.08.2022 No.2Extra 4 M CoinsCollect
7.08.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
6.08.2022 No.6EXTRA 50 SPINSCollect
6.08.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
6.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
6.08.2022 No.3Extra 25 SpinsCollect
6.08.2022 No.2Extra 4 M CoinsCollect
6.08.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
5.08.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
5.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
5.08.2022 No.3Extra 4 M CoinsCollect
5.08.2022 No.210 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
5.08.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
4.08.2022 No.710 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
4.08.2022 No.610 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
4.08.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
4.08.2022 No.410 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
4.08.2022 No.310 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
4.08.2022 No.2Extra 25 SpinsCollect
4.08.2022 No.110 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
3.08.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
3.08.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
3.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
3.08.2022 No.310 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
3.08.2022 No.2Extra 25 SpinsCollect
3.08.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
2.08.2022 No.7EXTRA 50 SPINSCollect
2.08.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
2.08.2022 No.510 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
2.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
2.08.2022 No.3Extra 25 SpinsCollect
2.08.2022 No.210 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
2.08.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
1.08.2022 No.7Extra 25 SpinsCollect
1.08.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
1.08.2022 No.510 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
1.08.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
1.08.2022 No.3Extra 25 SpinsCollect
1.08.2022 No.210 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
1.08.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect

TechFilx Free Spins For Coin Master

DateTechfilx RewardsLink
31.07.2022 No.7Extra 25 SpinsCollect
31.07.2022 No.610 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
31.07.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
31.07.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
31.07.2022 No.3Extra 25 SpinsCollect
31.07.2022 No.2Extra 25 SpinsCollect
31.07.2022 No.110 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
30.07.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
30.07.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
30.07.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
30.07.2022 No.3Extra 25 SpinsCollect
30.07.2022 No.2 10 M CoinsCollect
30.07.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
29.07.2022 No.7Extra25 SpinsCollect
29.07.2020 No.7Extra 25 SpinsCollect
29.07.2020 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
29.07.2020 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
29.07.2022 No.410 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
29.07.2022 No.3Extra 25 SpinsCollect
29.07.2022 No.210 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
29.07.2022 No.110 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
28.07.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
28.07.2022 No.410 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
28.07.2022 No.310 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
28.07.2022 No.2Extra 25 SpinsCollect
28.07.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
27.07.2022 No.7Extra 25 SpinsCollect
27.07.2022 No.610 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
27.07.2022 No.510 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
27.07.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
27.07.2022 No.310 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
27.07.2022 No.2Extra 25 SpinsCollect
27.07.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
26.07.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
26.07.2022 No.510 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
26.07.2022 No.410 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
26.07.2022 No.310 Spins and 3.5M coinsCollect
26.07.2022 No.210 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
26.07.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect
25.07.2022 No.710 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
25.07.2022 No.6Extra 25 SpinsCollect
25.07.2022 No.5Extra 25 SpinsCollect
25.07.2022 No.4Extra 25 SpinsCollect
25.07.2022 No.3Extra 25 SpinsCollect
25.07.2022 No.210 Spins and 4M coinsCollect
25.07.2022 No.1Extra 25 SpinsCollect

Features of Coin master

Coin Master is a game that is based on the concept of a virtual slot machine. The main aspect of the game depends upon the rewards that you get from the spins in the slot machine. All you must do is collect spins eventually and spend them on the slot machine. Rewards like more coins, attack, raids, shields, or even more spins can be awarded.


With the coins you earn through the slot machine can be used in building your own empire village. Coin Master lets you build your own village which can be further upgraded as well. Higher the village level once upgraded lets you gain stars. It is worth the achievement to completely upgraded your village as it has aesthetic and beautiful graphics.

Attack and Raids

Slot machine in Coin Master also rewards you with attacks and raids which can be used to infiltrate and raid random people’s villages. With attack feature, you can destroy a part of people’s village for more coins.

Raid lets you steal coins from other villages as you get three choices to which choose from to get the most out of the raid. This really makes it fun to play with your friends as you can play with your friends.

Collect Cards

By building your villages you get to move on to even better village areas. You can also collect cards by opening chests which also improves the level of your village. With every collection of nine cards, you can collect all of it to earn even more spins and rewards. You can even cards in chests which can be obtained from chests or through purchasing.

Coin master free spins

The concept of the game is very well built as it lets you play with friends, raid millions of players villages, and earn cards to your collection.

To keep upgrading your building and doing the roulette spins it is important to get free spins daily as well as coins. There are quite a few ways you can earn coins in the game to keep moving ahead and improving your overall completion.


Raiding other player’s village is somewhat one of the easiest ways to earn free coins in the game. You can earn a lot of coins through raiding coins from the millions of other players. With raid option that you earn in the roulette all you must do is visit a random players village and then you get to click on three shovels to get the most money if you are lucky enough.

Coin master free spins

Being a randomly chosen raid target you can earn the most money from the large X’s marked on their village. With a significant amount of coins to be earned, you can surely get a lot to improve your village. If you are lucky enough you can surely get the most of the rewards from the target’s village.

Attacking Enemy Village

Another result of the roulette spin is the hammer where you can attack an enemy player base. If you have your account connected to social media you can surely attack your friend’s village. If not a randomly generated village target is provided by the game for you to attack.

Once you visit their village you have the option to choose which of the target building you wish to attack and destroy. By attacking the building, you get to earn coin rewards and to which also reduces the star level of the building.

Coin master free spins

One of the most important aspects of the attack feature of the game is the shield. It helps you protect the base from enemy attacks. If you are attacking an enemy building and it has a shield that attack would surely be wasted. It is important you keep your village protected from enemy attacks by stacking up to three shields.

Even if you attack a target with a shield you still earn quite a good amount of coins. It will also not reduce the star level of their village.

You can earn coins with daily free spins as well; every day make sure to collect your free daily spins. With the daily free spins feature, you are awarded free spins from which you can have a great addition of coins that can help you with building your village.

Pets Feature

With raiding attack and development of your villages, Coin Master also has a pet accompanying you option where cute animals join you on raids and attacks. Different pets bring cool bonuses that can help you along becoming the best Coin master. Pets section can be accessed through the pet screen in the game’s menu, you can also get access to the feature by tapping the egg beneath the roulette slot machine.

Coin master spins

Every time a pet has been selected their bonus stays along for the next four hours. Awesome bonuses of pets can really help get good rewards while raiding and attacking other player’s villages. After four hours the pet will fall back asleep and the bonuses would stop for a particular period of time. This resting or recovery period can be sped up feeding your pets with treats. Pet effects like added rewards, blocking enemy attacks, etc. can be increases by giving them XP potions which level them up.

Treats can be earned either through the slot machine rewards or you can directly purchase them using real money. Treats are rewarded along with the basic rewards so you do not need to spend more spins in the slot machine.

Following are a few Pets that you can use in your Coin Master Journey:

Pets are either completed through certain achievements or by just playing the game. One of the that brings the change to the game as pets give added benefits.

  1. Tiger is a pet that helps increase the amount of coin you earn while attacking another player. Higher the level of Tiger pet more the coin rewards.
  2. Foxy is one of the earliest pets that you get while starting the game, with foxy as a starting pet accompanying you to get more coins thus helping you build your village. It provides you with an added shovel during raids thus helping you dig more for a chest to get added rewards.
  3. Rhino is unlocked a bit later in the game once you complete the creature card collection. Rhino brings the added benefit to block enemy attacks just like the shield option. A higher level of Rhino means increases the chances to block an enemy attack. It usually has a 10% chance of avoiding an enemy attack. So, make sure to upgrade your pets for better rewards and benefits.

Coin master free spins

1. Inviting your friends

Coin master free spins You’ll earn points when you invite your friends with your link or by referral code. This game is linked in Facebook so you can invite all your Facebook friends. it will get good reach. You’ll earn more coins.

By adding friends to the game through social media you can get 40 Coin Master spins which is quite a lot. As soon as your friends join the game you will be rewarded with the spins. Once you have quite a few friends added to the game through social media, you can start requesting spins daily. Up to 100 free spins to use every day is surely a huge addition to the game. So, make sure to add your friends and get free spins every day by requesting your friends.

2. Social media


Every day the developer of the Coin Master provides links that can help you get more free spins in the game. With just the option of that, you can have free more additional skins daily in your game by just clicking on the website and earning more spins. To get notified their posts and stories you have to enable the notifications in the Facebook and Instagram app.

3. Coin master free spins links By Techfilx

Coin master spins

Other than this there are lot of third party sites offering the accounts so it is difficult to find the legit one for you. We will collect every working links from the legit accounts and will post here daily basis. You can bookmark our site or save our website link and keep visiting for working links. Without fail we are working for the users.

4. Coin master free spins generator

95% of generator sites are scam. But we know the legit websites offering the coin master free spins links. Unfortunately those websites got DMCA complaint by the Moon active , so the websites are blocked in search engines like google. If you googled the term “Free coin master spins generator” you’ll get only fake results so don’t waste your time in these things. Keep visiting our website for working links.


That’s it these are some working methods to get coin master daily spins for free. If any links are not working then report us in the below comments or directly in our social media accounts. We will respond you quickly and we’ll rectify the bad links.

5. Coin Master Spins Giveaway

We are planning to conduct a giveaway per week. If you showed good support then we’ll work on it soon. Share this post in your Facebook timeline for good reach.

Officially coin master conducts giveaways in their social media pages if they achieved anything. Recently they conducted a giveaway for reaching 12 million followers in their Facebook page. But the chances of winning in these official giveaways because lot of people enter the giveaway.

6. Events

Coin master free spins

Every now and then there are events in the world of Coin Master which can help you with tons of free spins. In the game you can check if there are any events going on near the roulette spin, all you must do is click on the events option and you can get yourself a lot more Coin Master free spins.

7. Earning Spins Through Betting:

With all the aspects explained the most important factor to move up the ladder and be the world’s best Coin Master is by earning more coins. Certain trips that can help you earn more spins are betting.

Coin master free spins

All you need is a good stock of coins that can help you bet higher, with 100 spins at a time that can be around 200 during the set blast event and even higher for VIPS which is 500. Just ensure that you do not go lower than 60 spins and keep the possibility of spinning for the maximum enter. The betting aspect of the game really works on your luck and you can tons of spins within it.

8. Card Collection

Coin master free spins

So, keep attacking and raiding villages of other players, and improve your village to become the best player. It is quite important to collect cards in the game as well as the collection of 9 cards which can give you tons of rewards that include spins and pet potions. Keeping updated on social media also have bonus card events that you can earn for your collection. You can send cards and receive cards in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once you tap on it you can then send the card you wish to exchange for with your friends.

Avoid Coin master free spins links scams


When I do research about this topic I noticed some websites, telegram channels and some Facebook group or pages sharing the fake links. I just checked a random free spin link in one website which asks me to log in to Facebook.

The free coin master spin link takes me to a third party web page which looks like Facebook login. I found that page is a Phishing web page. If you entered your Facebook email and password, they will hack your info and you can’t get your Facebook account.


So you have to be careful about the links and popup ads in those websites.

So you may have doubt about our website (Techfilx) is one of the scam websites about coin master links. But in real we are the legit. We are sharing only legit ways and only trusted ways about anything.

Finally Techfilx is legit ❤️. Visit our homepage you’ll get lot of things for free!.

Final words

Coin Master has been really the game that everyone has loved so far. With tons of features and easy to play features it is something you should try as you will surely fall in love with.


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